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Biolinux is an openfree effort to make an operating system (BioOS) that can easily handle bioinformatic DBs, algorithms and servers. It started in the early 1995 in Cambridge, UK. It uses open source OSs such as Linux and will eventually contain numerous biological modules and languages such as Bioperl, BioPHP, and Biojava. BioLinux is under BioLicense

BioLinux components

BioLinux Language

BioLinux Distribution Pack

BioLinux management
Biolinux email management

Related BioProjects

  • BioOS: Biological OS that includes BioLinux. BioLinux is an instance of BioOS.
  • PerlOS: Operating system that is made with Perl language.
  • PerlShell: Shell that is going to be used as shell in BioLinux