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BioLinux History

The first scheme for a linux distribution for biology was made in 1995 at Caius college Cambridge University. It was to provide BioProjects (such as Bioperl and Biojava) with a cheap and consistently maintained OS (BioOS).

In 1995, BioLinux was called BioLux. It was planned to be used as a platform for Bio-programming language such as BioPerl and BioJava. A complete set of operating system, X manager (BioManager) server, Perl like Shell, Perl based Bio language and BioHardware specification was designed for the future. Later, BioLux was called as more general name, BioLinux in around 1998 onwards. BioLux was the unique name that was the earliest concept of BioLinux.

BioLinux aims to provide not the whole general Linux distribution such as Fedora, but provides a portable bioinformatics platform and/or an insallation package that turns the general UNIX/Linux distribution into a BioLinux.

- Jong Bhak,  BioOS | BioNOS

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